Employer Branding

Developing an employer brand
Employer branding in tourism & alpine region

South Tyrol’s labour market offers a wide selection of jobs for specialized employees.
Companies and businesses are compelled to refine their corporate culture to prevail on the market, to maintain their employees long term and to fill positions.

How to create an employer brand?

•    Strategy: Internal analysis – company values / corporate culture
•    Branding: brand communication – how to position your business in the labour market
•    Engagement: creating a content strategy that matches your employer branding
•    Recruiting: hiring employees – where to present yourself and how
•    Retention: what can you offer your employees and how can you improve on their work situation?

For organisational development, employee training sessions and team events, we are working in cooperation with vival.institute - a team of experts, with the goal of improving the work climate through health management, worker protection and scientifically backed employee questionnaires about satisfaction and stress at the workplace.


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