More mindfulness for people and corporations

The human connection always comes first. In my coaching, I want to accompany your business on its path to emerge strengthened from every crisis it may face.

I believe in the basic values of authenticity, unity as well as mutual respect and appreciation. This philosophy should be adapted by the client side as well, both in internal and external communication.

The goal is to set an example, by living these values every day and integrating them into day-to-day life – starting with the entrepreneurs themselves. A strong, joint base strengthens corporate culture, solidarity and the overall collective impact.

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Everybody takes on different roles in different environments

Digital Marketing & SEO Expert ~ Mindfulness Coach ~ Speaker

Business Angel & Mentor for Startups

Good ideas alone don’t lead to success! A good network, strong partners as well as investors and business angels can help start-ups in South Tyrol to successfully advance their ideas.

I want to encourage more people to gain independence in their career. Especially women, in South Tyrol and elsewhere, should develop more confidence to start their own businesses. I am excited to provide support for this through my network of curated experts.

We are happy to offer an exchange of ideas, support or participation models for startups on request.
I would also be happy to advise you on the funding and support available for start-ups in South Tyrol

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